About us/Sustainability

The “Il Borgo di Villa Cellaia ” was born from the renovation of a small village from the 1700s that included the manor house, the farmhouses, the barn and the noble chapel.

Located in the hills of Mugello, Tuscany, surrounded by centuries-old cypresses and olive trees, it wants to offer its customers a relaxing stay in apartments equipped with every comfort but with the possibility of visiting a city rich in art and history like Florence, easily reachable by car or train.

Guests also have access to a saltwater swimming pool and a wellness center with a hot tub, sauna, steam bath and emotional showers.

The structure is also suitable for receptions and ceremonies.

The resort is run by Stefano, Lisa and their three children.

The Borgo di Villa Cellaia has made sustainability its corporate philosophy

The Borgo di Villa Cellaia has created and launched a sustainable tourism management system for a long time term. The system is adequate for the size of the resort and is done with an improvement continuous and constant and we do not neglect any step, small or large, in the path towards sustainability:

➢ we clearly communicate and document our sustainability;

➢ in our company program we have given particular importance to the environmental, social and cultural problems of the territory as well as to respect for human rights regarding health and safety in the workplace;

➢ the management of Il Borgo di Villa Cellaia was also trained in the management of risks and crisis situations;

➢ our entire system is documented and monitored;

➢ our commitment to sustainability in tourism is very strong and this is why we care account of the improvements made every year.

Shared sustainability in tourism

One of our goals is to be able to receive support, as well as teach good practices of sustainability for both partners and guests:

➢ guests and partners of Il Borgo di Villa Cellaia are involved and made aware the importance of sustainable tourism;

➢ the results of our sustainability improvements are communicated like gods successes;

➢ we are committed to making our policy clear on all communication media internal and external, online and offline so that all guests and partners can know it clearly;

➢ we have created a questionnaire for our guests with which we aim to involve them in sustainability even after the holiday.

The collaborators of Il Borgo di Villa Cellaia and sustainability

Sustainable tourism is a value for us and for this reason we directly involve our collaborators who we intend to train constantly to achieve our goals:

➢ the training of our collaborators is periodic and documented;

➢ we select our collaborators in an ethical way and in respect of human rights, taking account of minorities and guaranteeing everyone the same opportunities also from the point of view of professional growth.

“We are the sustainability we do!”

For the greater result of sustainable tourism we have created and improved ours marketing communication. In fact we have made everything as transparent as possible we do through truthful images and texts that are the basis of our daily commitment:

➢ the images chosen in the communication of sustainability fully reflect ours activities, services, products and infrastructure;

The sustainability of Il Borgo di Villa Cellaia in the Mugello area

We are aware of living in this special place in nature. For this there we feel responsible in communicating local lifestyles and culture to our guests.

We know our territory very well because we live it every day. This allows us to help our guests appreciate it in the best way:

➢ our guests have at their disposal maps, publications, books and IT tools on the nature and cultural heritage of the area and are informed about cultural and recreational activities and events in which they can participate to get to know our territory better;

➢ our collaborators are trained on the cultural and natural heritage of the area;

 ➢ we are committed to teaching the rules and attitudes of local behavior to our guests.

➢ we are committed to the use of local and short chain food products

Our commitment to the environment:

Convinced of the importance of using renewable energy and in order not to use any fossil fuel, we have equipped our structure with a photovoltaic system for the production of energy, a solar thermal system for the production of hot water and a pellet boiler for heating.

 In addition, a sophisticated monitoring system allows us to accurately measure the self-production of energy, consumption and finally savings.

All energy consumption is minimized thanks to strategic choices and a state-of-the-art technologies such as:

– LED lighting of all common areas and apartments;

– improvement of the heating time of the pool water thanks to the use of solar panels and improvement of water consumption through a compensation tank and of the legal parameters for its use through natural salinification and salt electrolysis;

– we keep the solar panels in maximum efficiency to minimize the consumption of electricity purchased;

– the hot water produced by the solar thermal panels is managed by a mixing valve;

– we encourage the use of public transport by virtue of the presence of a convenient col railway link for visiting the area;

– we use fsc paper for all our communications, favoring digital solutions whenever possible;

– energy consumption is controlled and that is evaluated as a primary objective to keep them constant at the levels of the previous three years or to improve them;

– all our collaborators and guests are invited to support our policy environmental and to imitate good practices

– the technical rooms of the structure are open to be visited and explained in their operation.

Correct and informed waste collection commitment

We are committed to separate collection and promptly inform our guests on the correct method of waste delivery.

➢ we are able to constantly control all waste production;

➢ we plan and share waste management with our collaborators and guests;

➢ we undertake to manage the delivery of waste to the local structure;